The Onset of Fall: What Every Driver Needs to Know About Deer Collisions

The Onset of Fall: What Every Driver Needs to Know About Deer Collisions

Navigate Autumn Roads Safely With Deer Whistles for Cars

As the leaves turn into brilliant hues of amber and crimson, and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, many of us relish the arrival of fall. However, autumn isn't just about warm sweaters and apple cider; it also marks the beginning of a particularly perilous period for drivers—deer collision season.

Infographic highlighting 1.5 million deer collisions in the US every year.

Why Are Deer Collisions More Common in Fall?

During the autumn months, deer are highly active. It's mating season, and many deer are on the move, often crossing roads and highways. In fact, November sees the highest rate of deer collisions, making it an especially risky time for motorists. Statistically, there's a 1 in 116 chance of hitting a deer with a car in the United States, and this probability rises significantly during fall.

The Alarming Numbers

  • Deer cause over $1 billion in property damage annually.
  • 1.5 million motor vehicle accidents are caused by deer each year.
  • 200 fatalities occur annually due to deer collisions.

Infographic highlighting deer collisions cause $1 billion annually

Time of Day Matters

The most common time for deer collisions is between 6 pm and 9 pm. As the days grow shorter, this risky time frame overlaps with many people's commutes, making it crucial for drivers to be extra vigilant.

Infographic highlighting deer collisions peak in November and full moons

Deer Whistles for Cars: An Effective Precaution

One way to mitigate the risk of a deer collision is by installing a deer whistle on your car. Products like Deer Safe Whistles offer dual protection technology, emitting ultrasonic and sonic frequencies to warn deer of your approach, giving them enough time to clear the road.

Benefits of Deer Whistles:

  • Easy to install: You can easily attach it to your vehicle's grille, roof, or even the undercarriage of your side-view mirror.
  • Cost-effective: A small investment that can save lives and property.
  • Peace of mind: Drive with confidence knowing you've taken steps to prevent collisions.

 Deer Safe deer whistle with road in fall colors in background

Additional Safety Tips

  • Use high beams when driving in deer-populated areas.
  • If you spot one deer, expect more—deer usually travel in groups.
  • Slow down and honk your horn in short bursts to frighten deer away.

Final Thoughts

While the beauty of fall can be mesmerizing, it's crucial to remain alert while driving, especially in deer-populated areas. Equip your car with a deer whistle, such as the reliable options from Deer Safe, and take back the peace of mind and confidence that every driver deserves during this beautiful yet risky season.

SUV driving away on road with fall colors

Don't let the specter of a collision ruin your autumn drives. Prepare, stay alert, and drive safe.

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