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How to Install Deer Whistles (or Horns) on Your Car: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're a regular traveler on the roads less taken, you've probably heard of deer whistles or deer horns, an innovative device designed to prevent deer-vehicle collisions. They are easy to install and a must-have for those who want to drive with peace of mind. But, how do you install them correctly? Let's dive in.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Deer Whistles

  1. Identify an Installation Area: Locate an area at the front of your vehicle with good airflow. This could be the grille, front bumper, or even the roof (although this might expose the whistles to the elements). Remember, you need to install two whistles – one sonic and one ultrasonic – on each vehicle.Ultrasonic and Sonic Deer Whistles
  2. Clean the Area: Thoroughly clean and dry the installation area. Remove any dirt or debris to ensure a firm attachment.
  3. Remove Adhesive Backing: Take off the adhesive backing on the whistle's base.Removal of backing for deer whistle installation.
  4. Position and Attach: Place the deer whistle on the chosen spot, ensuring that the large opening faces forward. Press firmly to attach it securely.
  5. Check Regularly: Periodically check to ensure the whistles remain firmly attached and are not clogged with debris, especially if you drive at high speeds or in rugged terrain.

    Expert Tips

    • If possible, install the whistles in a protected area, such as tucked in the grille. This not only protects the whistles but also maintains your vehicle's aesthetic appeal.
    Two deer whistles securely mounted in a car grille, facing forward for optimal airflow and effectiveness in alerting deer.
    • Consider installing on the roof for maximum airflow. However, be aware of potential exposure to the elements.
    Pair of deer whistles mounted on the roof of a car, facing forward to emit high-frequency sounds for deterring deer.
    • The underside of side mirrors can also be suitable spots to attach the whistles.
    • Whistles may be removed from the base for maintenance or car wash using the clip at the rear of the base.

    Close-up of a hand holding a deer whistle, preparing to detach it from its base, alongside a separate image showing the deer whistle and base already separated.

    Installation Video


      Q: Do whistles need to be removed for a car wash?

      A: If the whistles are exposed, it is recommended to remove them before a car wash. However, if they're installed in a protected area, like tucked in the grille, removal may not be necessary.

      Q: How many deer whistles do I need per vehicle?

      A: You should install two deer whistles – one sonic and one ultrasonic – on each vehicle.

      Q: Which side does the open deer whistle go on?

      A: The large opening of the whistle should face forward, regardless of which side of the vehicle it's installed on. The whistles may be installed on either side of vehicle.

      Deer whistles are a great investment for anyone who drives through areas where deer are common. Whether you've purchased Deer Safe whistles or another brand, these installation steps should help. If you're looking for reliable and easy-to-install deer whistles, consider Deer Safe deer whistles. Enjoy your journey through the countryside with peace of mind.

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